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 About the project

Our server is English-Russian information medium intended for direct dialogue with the partners and potential clients.
Permanently enlarged information base about firms and companies is the basis of the system.
You can add your firm by registering it in the database.
The information on your firm will be translated into Russian by our translator and will be located on the server within 3 days.

 The qualifier
The database of firms and companies represents navigation and search system where you can execute:

· review of firms by the form of activity in the international qualifier NACE ;

The international qualifier NACE is constructed by the principle of detailing of the information. Working with the Qualifier you can detail sampling by narrowing down the quantity of firms by an area of their activity.
You can also take advantage of more extensive search:
The system is adjusted maximum flexible, so that you can study all capabilities of the Manual by "trial and error method".
Pay attention to the questions: "What is your system searching for?" and "How has it understood your inquiry?.
Use search, if you want to do complex selection by indicating the required information by several parameters, for example: by a title of the firm, goods, service and country of origin.

· by a title of firm;

This mode is necessary, if you know a title of firm (or part of a title). In the search line enter all required word, or its part : " a title of firm ". The system will show all brief certificates of firms, which commercial names or part of their names will completely agree with a required word.

· by produced or consumed production / service;

This mode is necessary, if you want to look through all firms, in which description there is a mention of the required goods / services. Such sampling is also necessary, if you want to look through all firms, which have indicated the goods / service in the list of their production. In the search line enter either all required word or its part: Metal, Water, Trade .

· By country of the origin of firm;
Select the country for search. As a result of the search inquiry, an information on firm as a brief certificate of the firm will be available:
-Title of the firm;
-The information for contact: country, address, availability of the telephone, fax, Web-site, e-mail.
- The brief description of activity of the firm;
Full certificate of the firm can be also available. In full certificate of the firm you can find following information:
- Title of firm;
- The information for contact: country, address, telephone, fax, Web-site, e-mail.
- The brief description of activity of firm;
- The contact person;
- Preferred language of dialogue;
- Date of foundation of the firm;
- Turnover of the firm per a past accounting period;
- Quantity of staff;
- Additional information about firm is given as prices for offered or consumed production;
- Trade-mark/logo of the firm;

· by the Qualifier;
To search a kind of activity of the necessary unit of the qualifier enter a required word, or its part in the search line (production, trade, extraction, metal).

 Add enterprise

Learn the rules of the registration.
For the registration of the firm it is necessary to fill in the certificate of the firm, use the link "Add enterprise"
The registration in the system grants following possibilities:
Location of the extended information about your firm as full certificate which is available for free review.
-the information on firm will be translated by our translator into Russian;
-possibility to place www-address at the site of the firm;
-possibility to place an information at several units of the qualifier;
-possibility to become the official participant of the system within 12 months.
-possibility of changing information about the firm

The registration in the system is a status of the information about the firm. Official status of information is confirmed by the firm by license fee through bank. The license fee for registration of the firm and translation of the information into Russian makes up 97$.

 Enter of clients

After registration of firm you receive registration login and password permitting to correct the information in the Certificate of firm.


 Contact Us
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