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  Your advertising on a server «The international catalogue of the enterprises»
It is the most effective way of promoting of the trademark and production of your enterprise in the local and international market.
We shall place your advertising on all pages of the server.
Advertising is published as the image of the trademark or commercial announcement (in text format).
  • Trademark 468x60 pixels
  • Text announcement
All offers are corrected according to the advertiser's requirements.

  Cost of advertising on the server:
  • 7 days – 840$
  • 1 month – 2800$
  • 3 months – 8120$
  • 6 months – 14000$
After publication on the server your commercial announcement will be processed by leading search engines:
«Google» «Yahoo!» «Aport» «Rambler» «Yandex» «Sympatico» «Lycos» «Earthlink» «AltaVista» «HotBot» «MSN» «AOL» «NetScape» «Excite» «ASK» «Mamma» «AllSearch» «Searchalot» «Dogpile» «Looksmart» «AllTheWeb»
In such a way you can involve huge quantity of potential consumers of your production, and also advertise the trademark of your enterprise.

  Audience of the server:
  • Managers and executives of enterprises from more than 100 countries of the world.
  Procedure of accommodation of the order:
To receive consultation on accommodation of advertising and discuss additional \ special conditions you can mail us Letter

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